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Brand DEVA
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SmartGen 4.0 - RDS/RBDS Encoder with USB & RS-232 Connectivity   Full-function dynamic encoder connects to station automation Transmit song titles, etc. in either 'block' or 'safe scrolling' modes Includes the TA function for traffic message priority override Operates with any FM exciter and stereo generator. A dedicated 19kHz sync source is not required, and a failsafe relay bypass is built in. Connects directly to all popular radio automation systems to scroll song titles and advertising. Direct-entry programming software runs under Windows® with RS-232 serial and local USB connectivity.   The SmartGen 4 is a full-function RadioData encoder that conforms to European and US standards for FM datacasting. It supports all service IDs and offers simultaneous scrolling-PS and RadioText messaging. 2-way addressability includes a front-panel USB port for fast and easy static register programming of station and format IDs, and for entering default scrolling or static text. In full-dynamic operation, station automation communicates with direct RS-232 serial connection. Screen-entry Windows® software makes programming the SmartGen 4 simple and foolproof. The SmartGen 4 can "parse" scrolling text, automatically breaking phrases into word groups, or can display text with the "Safe-Scrolling" option.