Henry 10 Input USB Broadcast Console

By pkctech.co.th
Brand Henry
Type Digital Console
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Technical Specifications MIC inputs -60 dBu to –40 dBu, 10K, balanced, for low-Z professional microphones MIC Process Post-preamp loop-thru: -10dBu, unbalanced LINE - A Inputs +4 dBu, 10K, balanced, stereo (3X, 3A-5A) LINE - B Inputs -10 dBu, 10K, unbalanced, stereo (4X, 3B-6B) USB Interface Internal 16-bit codec: 32.0, 44.1, or 48.0 kHz, USB 1.1 or higher (6A) AIR Input +4 dBu, 10K, balanced, stereo PGM Output +4 dBu, balanced, stereo, 600 ohm load. Max output: +24dBu MIXMINUS Output 0 dBu, unbalanced, 600 ohm load, Max output: +18 dBu MONITOR Output -10 dBu nom, unbalanced. 600 ohm load. Max output: +18 dBu REC Output -10 dBu, unbalanced, stereo, Max output: +18 dBu BOOTH Output For use with Henry Engineering MultiPhones Guest Pod PHONES Output For use with stereo headphones, 24 ohms or higher SPDIF Output SPDIF output of computer play audio AC Input P115 OR 230 VAC, 9 watts. All units shipped set for 115 VAC unless indicated otherwise. Power Supply Internal linear supply with toroidal power transformer Physical 12”W x 8”D x 3”H; 5 lbs Approvals CE, City of Los Angeles Electrical Test Lab