EM 1000

By pkctech.co.th
Brand OMB
Type FM Transmitter Solid State
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The EM 1000 is a 1000W FM transmitter made up of the EM 25 DIG PLUS exciter (or EM 20/30 exciter) and the AM 1000 FM amplifier. This equipment includes 3 amplyfing modules designed with state of the art MOSFET technology. It includes an elliptic LPF (Low Pass Filter) with high-attenuation in the harmonic frequencies and digital telemetry output in order to get information about internal parametres of the amplifier. The most relevant parameters can be visualized in the LCD display: Forward and Reflected power, overdrive, group 1 current, group 2 current, power supply voltage, SWR and temperature alarms. The 3 independent amplyfing modules are combined and mounted on a high-performance heat-sink, so that the transistors work in optimal thermal conditions even in really hot enviroments.